The Political Economy of the Eurozone

We explore European economic policy with a focus on the common currency, the Euro. We will employ political, economic and philosophical perspectives to discuss a variety of key aspects: why and how did the Euro come into being? What does sharing a common currency imply for the Member States? How is the euro area governed day to day? Is the economic governance just, or does it unduly disadvantage certain member states? Is the Eurozone’s governance legitimate? What exactly are the much-decried weaknesses of its institutional setup following the financial crisis? And what can be done to improve justice and legitimacy of European economic governance? Leading up to the European elections in 2019, this seminar will enable students to critically engage in a key debate of our time.

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Philosophy and Economics Programme, University of Bayreuth

Winter 2018/19, with Carsten Jung, Hannes Hemker, and Lucas Guttenberg