The Ethics of Debt Network

The ethics of debt network brings together researchers from various disciplines working on the ethics of debt, broadly construed.

Currently, more than 20 researchers from philosophy, economics, law, and politics contribute to the network. The purpose of the network is to provide an opportunity to members to receive high-quality feedback on work-in-progress.

We welcome contributions from any discipline and methodological perspective shedding light on normative questions related to household, commercial, and sovereign debt. We welcome both empirical studies raising normative questions, and normative studies engaging with empirical literature. We welcome both “ethical” perspectives focusing on what particular actors in the credit system ought to do as well as perspectives from “political philosophy” analyzing the principles underlying the institutions concerning debt. 

What do you do?

The core activity of the network is to organize three read-ahead work-in-progress seminars. These seminars give members the opportunity to present work-in-progress to an engaged audience and receive detailed feedback. We also plan a grant-writing retreat for interested members.

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