I work on political philosophy, applied epistemology, and organizational ethics. Much of my work to date has been at the intersection of philosophy and economics, such as the ethics of debt, global tax justice, and the social purpose of corporations.

Visit my site for a list of my published work.

I’m currently writing on a book on the normative foundations for a just global credit system, funded by a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship. The book offers a solution to what I call the credit problem, namely, who should get access to credit, and on what terms? It also works out the implications of this solution for policy debates, such as the governance of credit scoring algorithms and the resolution of sovereign debt crises.

I’m also researching the extent to which intellectual virtues support knowledge and understanding, using the Intellectual Virtue Scale (IVS). The IVS allows testing the effects of intellectual virtue empirically. For example, I’m currently testing the hypothesis that people who score higher on the IVS are better at spotting fake news, are less prone to believe in conspiracy theories, and understand the effects of human greenhouse gas emissions on climate change better.