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I use philosophy, economics, psychology, and data science to investigate issues in applied ethics, political philosophy, and social epistemology.

I study questions such as:

  • How can organizations make ethical decisions and avoid misconduct?
  • Which qualities help people avert conspiracy theories, fake news, and misinformation?
  • How can we develop and use artificial intelligence responsibly?
  • Which institutional reforms can make capitalist societies more just?

The Epistemic Vice Project

Using virtue epistemology and data science to understand how to
avoid falling for misinformation, conspiracy theories, and fake news.

Culpable Ignorance in Organizations

Organizational misconduct often stems not from bad motives, but from ignorance. This five-year research project will help to better understand an overlooked cause of corporate misconduct, providing guidance to organizations and regulators to prevent culpable ignorance.

Ethics of Debt Network

The ethics of debt network brings together researchers from various disciplines working on the ethics of debt, broadly construed. The main goal is to provide an opportunity to members to receive high-quality feedback on work-in-progress. 

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