Call for Applications: Research Assistant

The Culpable Ignorance Project seeks to fill a position for a research assistant (wissenschaftliche/r Hilfskraft or Studentische Hilfskraft). The work is remote, and there is no need to be matriculated at the University of Hamburg — any German university will do.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The position is for a research assistant for approx. 40/month, for one year, starting 1 April 2023.
  2. To be eligible to apply, you need to be enrolled at a German University either as a BA or as an MA student.
  3. The work can be done remotely, there is no need to be in Hamburg.
  4. If the successful candidate is a BA student, this will be a position as a “studentische Hilfskraft,” remunerated at 12,00 EUR/h. If the successful candidate is an MA student, this can become a position as a “wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft”, remunerated at 13,95 EUR/h. It is possible to create this position as a “Minijob”
  5. The University aims to increase the number of women in research and teaching and explicitly encourages women to apply. Equally qualified female applicants will receive preference in accordance with the Hamburg act on gender equality (Hamburgisches Gleichstellungsgesetz, HmbGleiG).

The application deadline is 1 February 2023.


The successful application will support organizational and research tasks, and tasks will vary throughout the year. One major area will be helping to prepare an application for a project on Just Housing, which investigates normative issues connected to housing. The key question the successful applicant will help to answer is what the state of research is on how to provide affordable housing to all. This will involve literature search, summarizing research articles from philosophy and the social science on justice and housing, and supporting with the organization of an international workshop on the topic.

More information about the Culpable Ignorance project, which the successful applicant will also be involved with, can be found here.


  • Strengthen your research skills
  • Contribute to an interdisciplinary research project at the intersection of philosophy and economics
  • Learn about the economics, human geography, and ethics of housing


The position is open for applicants from any subject, but a background in philosophy or philosophy and economics is advantageous.

The successful candidate will meet the following requirements:

  • An interest in learning about how to make the market for housing more just.
  • An interest in understanding the role of knowledge for ethical decision-making in organizations.
  • Regular availability of approx 10h/week.
  • Ability to find, inspect, and summarize literature from ethics, political philosophy, economics, and social sciences.
  • Strong communication skills in a remote working setting.

Mastery of the German language is not required. Command of the English language is required.

How to Apply

The application is a two-step process.

Step 1: Email me with your CV and a short paragraph on why you would like the position.

Step 2: I’ll send you a task involving literature search and extracting information from literature that will take you 1h to complete.

We’ll create a shortlist based on this information, and we’ll do short phone interviews with shortlisted applicants.

Submit applications to Marco Meyer ( and do not hesitate to be in touch with any questions.